Standard warranty included with your IT equipment may protect against certain product defects, and only for a limited period of time. Typically, things begin to go wrong right after these IT warranties have lapsed, or the problem itself is not covered under the warranty. These down time and costly repairs can wreak havoc on your business and your budget. ATME's Warranty Service is the solution you need to protect yourself.

ATME's Warranty team helps you select the plan that is right for you, plus we go behind the scenes to register our plans and ensure you receive all the required documentation. Being experts in all programs offered by ATME's many IT partners, our specialists help cut through the complexities of warranty and service agreements to determine which plan is right for you and your business.

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ATME Warranty Services Offerings Include:

Apple, Cisco SMARTnet, HP and IBM warranty plans
Warranty extensions including IT products we don't sell today
Warranty contract consolidation
Uplifted service agreements
Installation service agreements
Software support agreements
Accidental damage protection
Disaster recovery services
Advance replacement programs
Data center maintenance

ATME Warranty Services Benefits

After your IT assessment, ATME develops 3 - 5 year plans that connect every aspect of budgetary priorities, personnel issues, IT infrastructure, operations and technical requirements, with each implication of where you need to be. This helps you identify and prioritize your investments that will support your growth, and identifies the right performance metrices to track progress.

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