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Strategy and Assessment

To know where you're going you must start with understanding exactly where you are. ATME starts the process by examining your entire organization (or the selected component) and assessing its operations: are best practices being followed? Is it performing efficienctly? A thorough analysis is the best way to identify underperforming components and ensure the right architecture and policies are implemented.

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When your IT strategy starts to emerge, your organization will develop an understanding and assessment of the organization's common direction. You'll be able to proactively address queries before they become major issues, and think and plan clearly around choices like office productivity, mobility, unified communications, network infrastructure, data center and virtualization.


After your IT assessment, ATME develops 3 - 5 year plans that connect every aspect of budgetary priorities, personnel issues, IT infrastructure, operations and technical requirements, with each implication of where you need to be. This helps you identify and prioritize your investments that will support your growth, and identifies the right performance metrices to track progress.

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