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Mobility, Network and Security

Your network is always facing vulnerabilities: new applications, security breaches, converged communications, wireless solutions and cloud-based services demand an ever-increasing amount of your network's bandwidth. This along with an increasingly mobile workforce using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices and you have the perfect recipe for even greater complexities and security issues. The right network solution is the answer to these concerns.

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How ATME Can Help

ATME's Mobility, Network & Security Solutions help clients in planning, designing, implementing and operating real-time networks, wireless and security infrastructures. ATME's Network Best Practice assists clients, build and operate a solid network foundation to enable implementation of advanced applications and services to deliver the right information at the right time.

Service Offerings

With best practices around core networking, security, wireless solutions and mobility, ATME creates the pre-requisite to develop solutions and service offerings to help our clients implement advanced strategies like BYOD and CYOD to drive their core productivity.

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