New technology can be deployed easily into your environment with ATME's IT Integration Services. Our certified technicians perform a wide range of services from software imaging and hardware configuration to complex builds of rack servers and networks in ATME's state-of-the-art labs.

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Image Development

A standard image provides benefits like reduced IT maintenance costs, simplified installation and faster time-to-use for new hardware. ATME's certified imaging experts can help you develop a standard image which includes:
Operating systems
Device drivers
Standard application loads
Standard OS configuration settings

Image Management

Image Management simplifies the process for updating which allows for quicker systems integration of new hardware platforms. Ongoing maintenance of an image includes:
Standard application revisions
Standard OS configuration updates
Patch and firmware updates
Device driver updates

Our services include:


Reduce configuration time with plug and play solutions
Reduce rollout costs
Simplify multi vendor deployments
Achieve project goals within given SLAs

IT Systems Integration

ATME can configure a wide variety of products like desktops, notebooks, printers, networking components and servers to the specifications you desire. Certified technicians and strong quality processes ensure each unit is configured to your exact specifications.
Power-on self test (POST)
Virus scan and QA checks
Asset tagging
Installation of components
Basic image and software loads

Advanced IT Integration

Our Advanced Integration Services help you achieve the highest level of customization, including large-scale rollouts of workstations, servers, and connectivity equipment and systems.
Completely assembled rack solutions including populated 21U and 42U racks
Fully-configured network operating systems
Custom desktop and notebook configurations
True plug-and-play LAN solutions
Client connectivity to network to ease image management
Custom image loads
Data center builds

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