Data Protection

Business data needs to be protected from increasingly sophisticated attacks and theft. Many new internal policies and external regulations must be complied with. Data needs to be available across a variety of devices, whenever and wherever your mobile workforce and customers need it.

With the rise of mobility, securing data has become more challenging and critical than ever before. ATME's team takes a three-part approach to solve this issue:

Securing persons and personal devices, so information does not become vulnerable as it becomes mobile;

Ensure business security and compliance, to make sure that your organization safely holds information and adheres to industry regulations; and

Making information available, because protection also means guarding access for authorized users.

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How ATME Can Help

ATME helps with your data protection by complying with internal and external policies by:

Ensuring you meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives with our expert disaster recovery architecture, documentation and implementation solutions.

Moving securely and confidently to a BYOD/CYOD mobile infrastructure that today's savvy workforce and customers demand from you business.

Creating a culture of security that adds value to your business and ensures data protection while enabling more responsible business processes.

ATME understands your business invests heavily in technology products, and you need optimum performance throughout their lifecycle to maximize their value to your business.

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