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Data Center and Virtualization

Due to high-demand workloads and explosive global data growth, storage solutions tend to get larger and more complex, making scalability a concern in aging media and platforms. Client-side applications and growth in end-user data demands on the other hand are pushing many of today's storage architectures to their limits of performance, availability and capacity.

The latest data centers rely heavily on virtualized infrastructure, enterprise storage platforms and private cloud solutions to live up to the performance demands. Every model has pros and cons that require careful consideration and planning to meet your specific business needs and virtualization requirements.

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How ATME Can Help

ATME can help you plan and implement with the latest technologies to manage the explosive growth in data for businesses of all sizes. ATME can design the perfect solution by combining best-in-class hardware, software and services to assess, design, deploy and move your organization to the latest virtualization and data center solutions.

ATME provides the foundation required to meet the demands of your application workloads while giving you the flexibility and scalability as your business grows. We apply our proven approach that combines hardware, software and services to create virtualized infrastructures and enterprise storage solutions to deliver a standardized infrastructure to boost private cloud adoption in your organization.

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