Access Control

An Integral Part of an Integrated Security Solution, Access control solutions integrate with other essential security functions such as video surveillance and alarm monitoring.

Integrated solutions should deliver security via a technological mix of the most up-to-date and robust components. Chief among these is access control solutions that include access control software, door controllers, and card readers.

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Access control is the foundation for premise control and safety. Locked and controlled doors protect property, employees, customers, networks, and infrastructure. ATME engineers design access control systems that are customized to meet the specific needs of your company and industry. The AISG access control experts can design a system ranging from a one-or two-door access control system to a comprehensive networked system with thousands of access control door readers and card access.

How ATME Can Help

The professionals at ATME understand the variety of access control needs in the marketplace – access to doors, control of entire floors and buildings, perimeter fences, and access to areas that contain delicate materials such as nuclear power and electricity.

Various industries also have differing access control needs: access control for a large number of employees requiring different levels of access; granting access control to a variety of employees, contractors, and visitors; the ability to create and provide reports based on when access control was granted, by door and by employee or visitor.

Access control integrated with video surveillance is often a must, but has also grown to include integrations that include time, attendance, and even use as currency in company POS systems such as cafeterias. The progression of access control to include to biometrics – granting access via fingerprints, for example – in the access control market has opened up more opportunity to ensure access control is the absolute most secure and reliable method for permitting entry.

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